February Events!

Feb 1st–Poetry for Thought 7-9pm
Feb 2nd–Music by Srazhalys 7-9pm
Feb 9th–Reading from Fannie and Freddie by Becky Dernbach 6-8pm
Feb 11th–Mild Monday Open Mic 7-8pm
Feb 13th–Music by Fratzke/Roessler/Seru (Jazz Trio) 7-9pm
Feb 16th–Music by Katy Vernon 6-8pm
Feb 18th–Book Release Reading by Anna Binkovitz 5-7pm
Feb 21st–Music by Parallels and Lies 6-8pm
Feb 23rd–Music by Phillips Phonograph & Eustace the Dragon 6-8pm
Feb 25th–Mild Monday Open Mic 7-8pm

Seth McCoyFebruary Events!

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