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On Jan 1, Groundswell Coffee took over the lease for the former Borealis Yarns space at 1340 Thomas and  Friday Jan 11 , we submitted the necessary documents to get permits to expand our presence on the corner of Hamline and Thomas.  With much chatter about what is happening in the Borealis Yarn space we wanted to let everyone know what is happening…..
   We have decided to expand Groundswell on the basis of our values.
1.  We are thankful for Borealis Yarns and their work of growing local economy, sustainability, and community on one of the few commercial corners in the Midway.  We are sad to see them go, and we are expanding our business to continue that work.
2.  We value friendships and want to play a role in bringing people together over coffee, food, and beer and wine.   The newly designed space will offer
> a more robust food menu crafted by our friend Johnny Becker of Dream Cream with both foody and simple options for kids.
> We are going to offer a creative selection of in house bakery crafted by Megan Greulich from Consider a Cake with gluten free, vegan, and dairy free options.
> We will offer craft beer and wine selections curated by our friend Zander that will feature perennial favorites alongside seasonal rotations.
> We will continue to offer excellent local coffee, espresso, tea, and chai made with local milk, honey and coffee.
3.  We care about the arts and want to help local artist get their work out to folks who can enjoy it.  We are starting a retail artist collective with hand crafted art by artists and crafters from the neighborhood and from the twin cities that will be curated by our friend Jessie James.  Justin James, her husband will continue to bring music and poetry to Groundswell to provoke thought, bring folks together, and help expose local musicians’ talent and art.
4.  We believe in a vibrant growing local economy.  The expansion will provide jobs, and important tax revenue to the city and state that help maintain our schools, support social services, maintain the city’s infrastructure, and support local district councils like the Hamline Midway Coalition.
5.  We believe that being neighbors means helping each other, and we need you.  We have heard a good bit of feedback that the neighborhood needs a good place to get a beer and some dinner, and we want to be that place for the neighborhood.  As you know small businesses have a hard road to compete with national and international corporations.  We can’t spend as much money on marketing and we don’t have as much capital that we have access to for build out.  We need your help in two ways.  First, help us get the word out about our corner, and support us while we are transitioning.   Second, we will be selling community shares for Groundswell in an effort known as Community Based Capital.  Shares will cost $1,000, and the dividend for this share is one beer or glass of wine per day for the rest of your life, or Groundswell’s life, whichever ends first.  These shares are non- transferable.  We will have more info available on these shares soon.
If you have driven by you will see that changes have begun.  We will be working on the build out in the corner space in January and February.  In late February we will move our current operation to the corner space, and we will work on our current space building out the new kitchen, community meeting room, and retail art space.  In mid February we will open up the wall between the two spaces and open up, with the beer and wine to be added in April or May as the city’s review process is complete and we are granted our license, just in time to enjoy the west patio!
Thanks for your support of our local business, and for being great neighbors!
Seth & Jen McCoy and Tim & Alisha Gilbert,
Seth McCoyBig News!

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