December Events!

Dec 3rd- music by Andriana Lehr 6-8pm
Dec 6th- music by Phillips Phonograph and Justin Robb 6-8pm
Dec 7th- Poetry for Thought, Featuring Yesha Townsend, GUANTE, and Joel Mason 7-9pm
Dec 8th- music by Srazhalys 7-9pm
Dec 13th- music by Bonnie Herring and Cassidy Buckley 6-8pm
Dec 14th- music by Bomba de Luz and Eustace the Dragon 6-8pm
Dec 15th- music by Paragraphs 6:30-8pm
Dec 17th- music by Sverremelodic 6-8pm
Dec 19th- music by Tija 6-8pm
Dec 20th- music by John Lampson 6-8pm
Dec 21st- music by Wofhopper 6-8pm
Dec 22nd- music by Frank Enanoza 6-8pm
Dec 24th- Mild Mondays Open Mic Night 6-8pm
Dec 28th- music by  Art Vandalay 6-8pm

Seth McCoyDecember Events!

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